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FlipCrown lets you 'flatpack' your bike so you can park or store it easily!

More than 50 percent of all people live in cities, a number that is still rising. In such urban settings where every square foot counts, a bike can be a pain to store, and therefore bicycles are often stored outside on the street exposed to the weather and with the risk of being stolen. Given the trend of more and more people riding and also spending more money on bikes, a solution is due.


FlipCrown, a patent pending headset locknut that allows handlebars to be turned or flipped 90° for easy storage, is seeking funding on, a crowd-sourcing platform for creative projects. FlipCrown is looking to raise at least $15,000 to produce a first run of FlipCrowns. 


Designed to solve the problem of storing bikes in small, narrow spaces, FlipCrown allows to turn the handlebar so that it is parallel with the bike’s top-tube, letting you lean it against a wall without anything sticking out. Combined with FlipCrown’s chrome quick-release pedals and custom bicycle shelf, you can mount your slim bike on the wall like a piece of art.


FlipCrown can be retrofitted to most bikes, as it replaces the standard locknut on a threaded headset. Cost of a standard FlipCrown on Indiegogo is 30 dollars, but they also offer a 'FlipCrown Combo Pack', including the quick release pedals for 60$ and a 'Lifestyle Pack' that throws in the designer shelf for a total of 80$.

Someone looking for a brand new retro bike can go for their special edition 'SlimBikes'. Good looking bikes that come with FlipCrown installed.


FlipCrown's Indiegogo campaign will run until the 21th of march. Check out their pitch video below.




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